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What do u smoke?
A Life Without Love
A bird in law
To the poet who lost his beloved girl...


Рундель Ксения

Misha land, do you know,
Is a land in the North.
It's not always to snow
And too sharp with a frost.
Only nine months a year.

All this time bears sleep
And don't wander the streets.

In spring bears wake up and make
The bast sandals that out of date
To present them to their girl-friends
And for this the life here does stand!

But sometimes they meet ginger foxes
And make revolutions and boxes.

Create Date : Sunday, May 08, 2011
© Copyright: Рундель Ксения, 2011
Свидетельство о публикации №111081307747

What do u smoke?

I'm a bird
with lightning wings,
I fly in the sky
with my spy ring.

Here's some bread
For my baby-brat.
A rat hardly dares
open its little mouth
just like a mouse.

Stop smoking into my house!!!!

A Life Without Love

Life is so short,
Life is so long,
My heart is so hot,
You say: ”So long! ”

I was looking for the gold.
I’ve encountered a star.
But your eyes are so cold
And your lips are so far.

I can see you in my dreams.
I can kiss you when I sleep.

O, your lips, your lovely lips...

I desire to listen
To your wonderful voice!
I wish I would never fall in love
With the other choice.

Oh, my love is so hot!
But you say: ”So long! ”

Do you really think
Life is awfully short?
No, dear,
Life is awfully long

Without you

A bird in law


Your eyes are sapphires,
Your skin’s like snow.
I don’t desire this.
I’m stupid – I know.

You are like angel,
My bird in law,
But I’ve engaged –
I must go off.

You are a princess,
You are a queen.
I have my principles -
I can not sin.

To the poet who lost his beloved girl...

Cheer up! She will come
When she reads lyric poems
Of yours.
Keep with care the key
To unlock paradise
Of the love
On the Earth


Nightmare, nightmare…
Don’t care, be cheer

Nightmare, nightmare…
Take ’t easy, be cheer

So crazy affair –
Again nightmare,

Nightmare, nightmare
For ever and ever…


Change the side
If you are able.
I’ll help you
Whether you can’t by yourself
But it’s not in my will
To save you –
…….. He decides.

2k12 sat
an old minaret sparkling in solarized snow is empty.
fan palm trees wave and drop their brown and yellow leaves.
the bleached sky sinks for good into ground unhealthy.
the way home through mountains 's loosing forever in mists.
a tailed cloud is nearby us – one or two kilometers away
stains of shades are absorbed into asphalt – it’s yours it is mine
cries a sonorous summer calm: now? why now - these days?
temple ruins are carried by flavovirent wind like a lime.

a limit of death and life. the watercolor paint strokes of two.
the book is closed. the seal. you and me haven't had time
Thanks a lot to PS for his lessons of Japanese Poetry that influenced the writing of this poor poem much

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